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A New Study Reveals You’re More Likely To Drink If You’re Single

As if trying to find love in a world of dick pics and casual sex isn’t hard enough, now there’s a new study that reveals you’re more likely to drink alcohol if you’re single.

In an effort to determine the links between drinking and dating, online dating site and app, Zoosk, carried out a survey with 8,793 members, and as well as analysed 133,175 messages on its platforms.

The figures show that 72% of online daters consume alcohol, with millennials especially finding it harder to date without drinks; 38% of participants claimed that going sober on a date made the experience more difficult.

Interestingly, 7% of all participants also admitted to pretending to drink on a date, while with millennials this figure was higher, at 10%.

When it comes to venues where you can enjoy an alcoholic tipple, the local pub was voted the favourite date spot by both men and women, followed by the wine bar and lounge.

The least popular location for drinking and dating was college bars.

So why does alcohol play such a big part in dating? Nearly 73% of the singles thought that drinks were a good idea for a first date, and almost half of those surveyed said the main reason was that it’s ‘easy and less formal’ and a ‘good way to let your guard down and have a conversation’.

And you’ve got the go-ahead to drink solo, too; 92% of online daters are fine with their date ordering a drink while waiting for them.

Might want to hold off on the shots though, because 2% of daters expressed that they would judge a date for drinking before they arrive.

If you’re still in the planning stage of your budding romance, make sure you mention the words ‘sparkling wine’ somewhere in the conversation.

Apparently, it’s among the sexiest drinks to name-drop. That’s right, showcasing your love of bubbly increases your chances of a response by 29%.

The best word to attract non-drinkers to say hi is Kombucha. Oh yes, the fermented tea drink made from a combination of sweetened tea, bacteria and yeast (known as Scoby) is 16% more likely to score you a date. You might want to bring some chewing gum though.

Whatever you choose to quench your thirst with, two drinks maximum is the lucky number with most singles.

Or, just skip the whole decision-making process and suggest a night at the cinema instead. Everyone likes popcorn, right?


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