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African Court To Upgrade Skills Of Lawyers

Justice Sylvain Oré

Over 30 lawyers registered with the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights to represent indigent Applicants are to be schooled in the African Court’s judicial aspects and the legal aid scheme.

The three training from July 9 to 11 at Arusha, Tanzania, would be the second conducted by the African Court. The first was held in August last year where over 40 lawyers attended the training.

Justice Sylvain Oré, President of the African Court in an interview with Ghana News Agency explained that the training was aimed at equipping the African lawyers registered with the Court to represent indigent Applicants.

Justice Oré, said the training also aimed at familiarising the lawyers with the African Court’s judicial and operational aspects and also update them on the legal aid scheme.

“This is the second time such training is conducted’’, adding that at the end of the training, the lawyers would have been equipped with requisite skills in order to represent indigent applicants effectively.

The African Court was established with a view to enhancing the protection of human rights on the continent.

By June 30, 2018, the Court had received 178 Applications, and disposed of 48.

The Court is composed of eleven Judges, nationals of member states of the African Union elected in their individual capacity.

They meet four times a year in ordinary sessions and may hold extra-ordinary sessions.

Source: GNA

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