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Africa’s Top Shots: ‘Corona’ Hair And Helping Hands

A selection of the week’s best photos from across the continent and beyond:

On Wednesday in Kenya, eight-year-old Stacy Ayuma has her hair threaded. Though the style is not new, some are now playfully calling it “coronavirus” because they say it resembles the virus’ prickly shape as seen under a microscope. Photo Credit: REUTERS


On Tuesday, a man wears a face mask in the colours of Liberia’s national flag at the health ministry in the capital, Monrovia. Photo Credit: EPA


Mannequins also make a statement with masks in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, on Saturday. Photo Credit: EPA


On Tuesday in the South African city of Johannesburg, a care home resident receives home-cooked food from volunteers. Photo Credit: AFP


In the same city a day later, residents cover their mouths as they queue for free meals. Photo Credit: REUTERS


In Ivory Coast on Friday, this boy prepares dates outside a mosque. During Ramadan, Muslims traditionally end their daily fasts by snacking on this fruit ahead of the main meal. Photo Credit: REUTERS


Food supplies are prepared ahead of distribution to people in need on Tuesday in the suburbs of Senegal’s capital. Photo Credit: REUTERS


On the same day in north-western Morocco, a horse-drawn cart passes a mural daubed with messages of thanks to essential workers. Photo Credit: AFP


Pictures from Getty Images, AFP, EPA and Reuters.

Source: BBC

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