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Aponkye Deliveries: The Startup Revolutionizing How Fresh Meat Is Packaged And Sold In Ghana

“When I started a maize farm called Dennikam in 2010, I won the best district maize farmer in the 2011 National Farmers Awards.”

“The subsequent year’s yield wasn’t that encouraging so I had to leave the land to fallow whilst Ithought about my next move,” Ing Denis Nii-Komiete Amui, CEO of Aponkye Deliveries told, in an interview.

Brainstorming on what next to do with his farmland, he settled on livestock farming.

However, he sought to do it with a difference and in November 2016, the Aponkye Deliveries idea was convinced.

“I thought of doing livestock farming but wanted to make it a serious business entity,” Nii-Komiete said.

Again, he discovered an opportunity in how meat is prepared, treated and supplied in Ghana.

“I have seen how whole goats/sheep and cows are slaughtered, burned with vehicle tyres , washed with water from all kinds of  unknown sources and delivered to chop bars, restaurants, hotels, super markets at the boots of taxis and back of pickup truck,” he explained.

Realising possible health implications on humans through this procedure, he thought of asafer, hygienic and convenient way of delivering whole dressed meat in Ghana.

Starting Aponkye Deliveries, earlier this month, the response from individuals and organisations has been tremendous and current workforce stands at 12.

Aponkye Deliveries offer free delivery services after orders are placed 24 hours earlier.

To ensure meat is always safe for consumption, “We have a small set up on the farm, where meat is prepared under strict supervision from veterinary officers and delivered to our customers by the delivery van, which in itself is a freezer that keeps the meat fresh,” Nii Komiete added.

“We hope to add other products lines in the future and our aim is to serve our customers with healthy meat at their door step and at no cost.”

Ing Denis Nii-Komiete Amui holds BSc in Civil Engineering and is currently pursuing MSc in Oil and Ghana.

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng

Source: African Post Magazine

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