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Basic Instructions Everyone Should Know About Using Medicines

Medicine is any substance that is taken to relieve pain or cure an illness. Manufacturer of drugs normally writes instructions on the use of the medicines on the packaging or on a separate sheet of paper.

Doctors also give similar instructions to their patients on the use of the medicines they prescribe.

These instructions may cover the following:


This is the recommended amount of medicine to be taken at any one time. The dosage depends on the age of the patient.


This refers to the intervals at which the medicine is to be taken. Frequency informs the patient how often the medicine should be taken; that is, whether once, twice, or thrice a day. It may or may not specify the time in relation to meals.


This advice on how long the medicine should be taken before it is discontinued.


This gives instructions on how the medicine is to be stored, for example, to keep in a cool dry place, in a refrigerator, away from children or away from direct sunlight.

Instructions for use

In some cases, the medicine has to be shaken well before use, and the container has to be tightly cooked before storage.


Some medicines cause drowsiness. The patient is, therefore, advised not to drive, drink alcohol or operate a machine after the medicine.


Source: Health Guide 911

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