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Be Open To New Ideas And Opportunities – Majid Michel To The Youth

Actor and Evangelist, Majid Michel

Veteran Actor, Majid Michel, has encouraged particularly the youth, to be open to new ideas and opportunities as they try to find their foot in life.

According to him, oftentimes, people do not know what talent they have hidden inside of them till they try something new.

“So you’ll never know what’s inside of you, you’ll never know your potential, you’ll never know what you’re capable of, you know just try stuff. And it might not be the stuff, but it will be the means to your end. It might not be the end for you, but it will be where you’ll step on to get to where you’re going so just be open.”

He was speaking on how he found himself in the film industry on JoyFM’s The Reason is Jesus show.

He said, “Then my neighbor, Elliot, he said –that was after school- he said Majid do you want to make money? and he said okay, so we have this agency, it’s a modeling agency, it’s called super modeling agency run by Addy Plahar and Tetteh Plahar, so we went there. They give you adverts, they take a percentage, that’s it.

“So one of the gigs that came was SpeakEasy, it was a radio drama called SpeakEasy, and it was about awareness on HIV/AIDS for the youth and all stuff like that. So it was on Joy. It was here at Joy FM, and after the radio, they said let’s put it on TV. So the drama on the radio was transferred to television and Ivan Quashigah was the director.

“So we had to do an audition to see who plays which role. Because on radio we act with the voice so anyone can be anyone, but on television, they had to audition to see who can play which role. Then that is how it started.”

He said it was after some of them got the roles and started to excel in the film industry that they realised that acting is something they could do, either permanently or use as a means to an end.

“But there were other people that didn’t have the interest, but did it because they wanted to make ends meet and through that, they realised ‘oh I can do this, oh look at me, people love me’. “

He encouraged people to try new things to discover their hidden talents even if those talents are only going to be a means to an end.



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