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Becca Fires Back At Critics After Unfollowing Everyone But Her Husband On Instagram

Singer Becca has tasted the wrath of some Ghanaians after she unfollowed everyone on her Instagram except her Nigerian husband.

Her action has irked fans who wondered why she would unfollow them and still expect them to patronize her music. The action has been interpreted to mean disrespect to her fans.

Meanwhile, Becca, born Rebecca Acheampongmaa Acheampong, has asked her fans to look out for her new song in which she features Nigerian act, Kiss Daniel.

Below are some comments from the fans:

Brightgeorges said: I dnt get it…. y ya get 1.2 million followers and u follow only one person.. sometimes follow ur fans.. it make their day and keep them addicted to everything you do.. @therealfunnyface follows me tho.. I luv that guy die.. [sic]

Brah_gama_origins commented: “hehehe becca gyaii gyimiee nu u unfollow all your people now u dey want fans hype your song”

Ramsey_tettey fumed: “You have unfollowed everyone and following only your Nigerian husband here smh…u people don’t value fans but you always expect them to do you favour.”

As though the action of unfollowing the fans wasn’t enough, she replied one of them, saying “boss you can unfollow me if you want… life is all about choices ???????? thank you”

A few fans have, however, supported Becca with one of them saying, “Some Ghanaians will still hate. Keep moving Becca, too late to fall. One family ????

abele_k3_nkatieAs also advised Becca to take heart thus, “an artist you have to be able to take criticism and not take it to heart. It only helps us grow in our trade. Peace and stay blessed!”

See Becca’s reply below:



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