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Cardi B ‘Turns Herself’ In To Police Over Strip Club ‘Fight’

Cardi B faces charges over a strip club fight in New York

Cardi B has handed herself in to police who are investigating an alleged fight in a strip club.

The New York City Police Department has told Radio 1 Newsbeat that charges are “pending” for the singer and rapper.

It’s claimed an attack happened at Angels Strip Club in the Queens area of New York.

It’s being reported that nine other people have spoken to officers as well.

It’s not yet known exactly how Cardi B was involved in the alleged incident which happened on 29 August.

Reports speak of misdemeanour charges after it’s claimed two sisters working as bartenders were assaulted.

There’s confusion about what role Cardi B may have played, if any, some claiming she planned the attack – others saying it was a spontaneous bust-up linked to some kind of relationship dispute.

Radio 1 Newsbeat has contacted the performer’s representatives for a comment but they are yet to respond.

This comes after rapper Nicki Minaj last month said she was left “mortified” after being involved in a scuffle with Cardi B.

The pair came to blows at a New York Fashion Week party, which Cardi later suggested was sparked after Nicki made comments about her parenting.

Nicki said on her Beats One radio show: “It’s so sad for someone to pin that on me, because I’m the bad guy and they know people would believe them.”

After this latest incident Cardi B appeared at a Police in station in Queens on Monday.

The 25-year old from The Bronx area of New York has had three UK top singles to date.

Source: BBC

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