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Christians Mark Palm Sunday Today

Christians in Ghana are joining their brethren around the world to mark Palm Sunday, which commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem days before his arrest and crucifixion.

The day is also the final Sunday of Lent, and the beginning of the Holy Week on the Christian Calendar.

It is christened Palm Sunday because, according to the Gospel, the people placed Palm fronds in Jesus’ path and also waved them as they hailed him amid shout of Hosanna, with the expectation that he was the Messiah to restore peace to them.

He rode a young donkey and was also welcomed by the townspeople with songs and praises, amid the throwing of their garments and on the ground for Him to ride on as a sign of homage.

Today, faithful use palm fronds for the re-enactment of Christ’s procession into Jerusalem around the world.

Children are very prominent in Palm Sunday parades in Ghana.

The palm frond has been adopted into Christian iconography to represent the victory of martyrs, or the victory of the spirit over the flesh.

Source: GNA

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