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Donzy Slams Rex Omar – ‘Work And Stop The Politics’


Ghanaian rapper, Donzy who is not happy with the operations of the Ghana Music Rights Organization(GHAMRO) has asked its Chairman, Rex Omar to work and stop playing politics with the organisation.

Donzy made the call when he was a guest on Happy FM’s Showbiz Extra on Saturday, November 10 to promote his new single, You And The Devil.

And when issues concerning GHAMRO came up in the interview, Donzy complained bitterly that he is disappointed in the Rex Omar led GHAMRO.

“I am disappointed in Rex Omar as the Chairman of GHAMRO because he is not doing anything to help musicians.

“Musicians are always complaining about their royalties and it hurts me that Rex Omar, a colleague musician does nothing but only thinks of his pocket and nothing else” Donzy said.

The Crusade hitmaker said he will never register with GHAMRO because he doesn’t think it will be beneficial to him.

“There is no point registering with GHAMRO when I can put my works on Youtube and iTunes” he said.

GHAMRO Chairman, Rex Omar

And when Rex Omar was called on phone to respond to the issue, he told Donzy to stop talking ignorantly and lean more about GHAMRO.

“I don’t fault you because you haven’t been to GHAMRO before and you don’t know how things work here. If you don’t believe in GHAMRO, fine, I want you to know that other musicians are benefiting from it.

“You might not see the importance of GHAMRO now but in the near future, when you are old and can’t make music anymore, that is when you will see the importance of it” he added.

Donzy who obviously doesn’t believe in a number of institutions went on to disclose that he finds a lot of things wrong in the country.

“I don’t pay tithes anymore and I stopped voting. This is because church leaders are always ripping us off likewise politicians who always lie to us for votes but never fulfil their promises” he added.

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