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Entertainment Should Not Be Used As A Tool For Promoting Social Vices – Ex-Doe

Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi

Hip-life legend Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi also known in showbiz world as “Ex-Doe” has said there is the need to use entertainment as a tool for propagating social cohesion among Ghanaians instead negative social vices, which goes against the norms and values of the people.

According to the veteran hip-life musician, he rejected an amount of ¢50,000.00 to compose a campaign song for some members of the gay community in Ghana which raised a huge debate in music circles.

In an interview with GNA Entertainment, Ex Doe highlighted the significant role musician’s play in ensuring good code of conduct for the public but not to go contrary to the norms and values of the Ghanaian culture.

“Entertainment is for fun and serves as a great healing to individuals. It is also a therapy that motivates people, so I don’t think we should advertises lesbianism or gayism.

“Music should rather the serve the purpose for nation building and creating peaceful co-existence among the people. But we live in the country where people think everything that brings money is business whether good or bad,” he told GNA Entertainment.

He further highlighted the precarious dilemma most musicians find themselves in when confronted with this kind of situation.

“Some musicians feel trapped in the situation of using music to propagate bad deeds and all other social vices which doesn’t other well for the societal well being,” Ex-Doe added

Ex-Doe would in the next coming days drop a new single which will thrill his fans as he stages a magnificent comeback in the music circles.


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