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Exhibition Held In Honour Of Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall


An art, music, Dance and youth exhibition were held on Saturday in honour of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall at Jamestown, Accra.

The Royals were accompanied by the Second Lady, Hajia Samira Bawumia.

The Prince and The Duchess walked through the James Barnor photography exhibition, before being introduced to some legendary sports personalities in Ghana.

The Royals watched a performance by the young D.J. Switch, including choreography by the dancers and roller skaters from the Performance for Action Team.

Jamestown, also known as British Accra, began with the construction of James Fort by the British in 1673 –74.

It was the last and the smallest European trading post to be built in Accra.

King James I granted a royal charter to the Royal African Company to build the fort and gave permission to name it after himself. Jamestown is now one of the liveliest districts in Accra and a centre for youth culture, music, art and heritage.

It is also the location of the annual Chaley Wote Street Festival.

The Performance for Action Team (PAT) is a community-based team of performers, teachers, and volunteers within the creative arts, which employs the performance art mediums of music, dance, and drama as methods of positive social and cultural change.


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