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Fashion Connect Africa Launches Project To Provide Face Mask For Rural Communities

An African fashion-art event, Fashion Connect Africa (FCA) has launched its first charity foundation for the year dubbed ‘One Million Face Mask For Rural Communities Project’ yesterday inside the forecourt of Accra Marriot Hotel.

In other to continue keeping safe during this season of Covid-19 and helping those who can’t afford the face mask in deprived towns, FCA will through their clothing production company, Garment Factory produce about one million quality face-masks to be distributed across those communities. The good news is this project isn’t just going to provide a face mask for people in rural centers but also serve as a source of employment for others.

The Garment Factory will need more hands to produce these face mask therefore will be engaging more people both in the production and distribution periods. This will serve as a source of revenue for the workers so that they will be able to provide for themselves.

FCA posted on their social media platform “We are excited to announce that we at Fashion Connect Africa are embarking on a 1 MILLION FACE MASKS FOR RURAL COMMUNITIES PROJECT which will involve the production and distribution of quality face masks to rural communities. 86% of Ghanaian workers operate in the informal sector and some of these people have lost their source of income because of the lockdown measures taken by the government against COVID-19. Through this project, more people will be engaged to help produce and distribute the facemasks. This will ensure that they have a source of income for a period of time and are empowered to provide for their ends meet.

The production of these face masks will be handled by the FCA Garment Factory which is reputable for producing quality clothing materials including face masks.

We ask that you join us on this mission either as a donor, or a volunteer and together, we can help safeguard people’s lives. You can reach out to us via DM or at if you want to be a partner in this project. We hope you are as excited as we are! ??”


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