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Finding Home In Ghana, Yasmin Sameh Shares Her Story

As many Ghanaians embark on risky journeys through the Mediterranean sea to reach Europe, other nationals have found home in Ghana.

Each year, some Ghanaians especially women migrate to the Gulf Coordinating Council (GCC), such as Saudi Arabia to seek greener pastures but are met with horrific treatment in the hands of recruitment agencies or host employers.

Let’s leave the issue of desperate journeys for another day and focus on other nationals who believe in Ghana and have migrated here to live their lives.

Yasmin Sameh moved to Ghana about two years ago from Dubai where she had stayed for nine years.

“I moved to Ghana because I wanted a break from everything. I was just tired and stressed so I decided to leave, “she told, in an interview.

When asked if Ghana is serving the purpose for which she came, she said, “well, it’s peaceful here.”

Miss Sameh hadn’t been here for quite long but has already adopted a Ghanaian name, Nana Abena, because she was born on a Tuesday.

Although, Ghana feels different from where she came from, she believes as Africans we still have things in common.

Now how did she settle for Ghana when she decided to migrate?

“I lived in Dubai for 9 years and I had some Ghanaian friends. I visited Ghana and I liked it here so I thought why don’t I settle here and see how things go?”

“It wasn’t difficult for me to adapt to my new environment,” she added.

Her best Ghanaian dish is fufu and she enjoys it best with light soup and goat meat.

“I like fufu because that is the only food I can actually eat. “

Miss Sameh who is originally an Egyptian had stints with Empire Protocol but is now an event organizer.The maiden edition of her event,The Beat Maker Awards will be held before the year ends.

She has a piece of advice for people who want to start life in Ghana, “You can settle here if you have money to start a business but I won’t advice you to come and look for job here. It is a difficult.”

She has learned to speak a little Twi and loves music, watching movies and swimming.

Miss Sameh already has 14 tattoos and don’t know if I can call her a stigmatophilia.

When asked if the 14th tattoo she had less than a month ago was going to be her last, she averred, “It’s never enough….I look at it as an art”.

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng

Source: Modern Ghana

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