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Five Parenting Tips To Help Nurture Your Kids’ Reading Habit

Reading habits differ from one child to another. While some kids have a natural flair for books, others may find reading torturous.

The responsibility to nurture your child’s appreciation for books shouldn’t be left to school teachers alone. Hence, these tips will help you set the right atmosphere that will spur your child’s interest in books.

Bedtime stories

These will demand your time and active engagement. Try reading adventurous stories aloud to your child before you tuck them to bed.

It will help stimulate their imagination and improve their vocabulary.

Create a distinct voice for each character in the book and deliver your lines with enthusiasm. A child exposed to bedtime stories will more likely see reading as fun than one who isn’t.

Create a reading corner

A special corner with tables and chairs dedicated to reading is one way to create an atmosphere that encourages reading.

The reading area shouldn’t be presented to look all serious and boring. Stickers that promotes reading could be on the table.

Own a home library

Having your own library is one way of presenting reading as a lifestyle and not a task. Some classic books, science-fiction, adventures and even series for kids should be included in your library.

If your child develops an interest in a particular author, then stocking your library with such authors’ books is also a great idea.

Introduce ebooks

Does your child prefer spending time on digital devices? Incorporating e-books can be a fun way of introducing them to reading.

These books are readily available, hence, promotes frequent reading. Some also include animations and pictures that encourage prolonged reading.

Cultivate a family reading culture

Telling your kids to read without showing examples may be one of the reasons your child sees reading as a tedious task.

Create time to read together with your child at your reading corner away from television, computer and phones. Also, take your kids to the library at least once a month to get new books.

Visit your local bookstore with your kids to shops for new books and ask for your child’s opinion on which book should be purchased or not.

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