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Ghanaians Should Expect a Major Earthquake – Seismologist Warns

Mr Nicolas Opoku, a Senior Seismologist at the Geological Survey Authority (GSA) says, the frequent earth tremors being experienced in parts of Accra is sufficient warning for residents in earthquake-prone areas to be alert and prepare for a major one.

Mr Opoku told journalists on Sunday in Accra that, the one experienced last night was not earth tremor but a moderate earthquake.

He said the incident occurred in Gbawe, Weija and Bortianor in the Ga West and Ga South municipalities on Saturday, March 2, at exactly 23:29 hours, measured 3.9 on Richter scale.

He said such frequent earth tremors and moderate earthquakes showed that the fault lines were active.

He, therefore, entreated residents in those areas to take precariously measures because no one could predict the exact time a major earthquake would occur.

Mr Opoku said in the event of an earthquake, those living in mountainous areas would be greatly affected because of possible collapse of buildings.

He said, for instance, the earthquake that occurred in 1980s, gave warning signals ahead for about 40 years before it finally occurred.

The Senior Seismologist said the GSA currently had only one Seismology station located near the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in Accra and needed more of such stations across the national capital.

Mr Kwame Sekyi, a resident of Gbawe Topbase, told the GNA that, yesterday’s moderate earthquake shock the foundation of his building, which caused some of utensils and glasses in his cupboard to fall down.

He said it was one of the heaviest experienced since he relocated to the vicinity for the past 20 years.

Baba Yusuf, a resident of Weija, said he also experienced it and that had re-affirmed his decision to relocate from the area after the expiration of his tenancy agreement in June, this year.

Source: GNA

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