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Horn Hairstyle From Wiyaala And How It Connects To Her Northern Traditional Background

Noella Wiyaala is a Ghanaian  Afro-pop singer-songwriter from the Northern part of Ghana, she mostly sings in her local dialect Sissala and Waala and at times blend them with the English language.

Wiyaala is one of the few people in Ghana promoting the culture of the people of the Northern part of Ghana through music. Her music dot just portray where she is coming from  but rather educates and inform a lot.

In a new shoot on the Afro-pop singer’s Instagram page, she has delivered a new local hairstyle that gives much anticipations and inspirations from the days of the old. The hairstyle that looks like the horns of a buffalo gives her certitude of what she is and what she has been representing herself all along.

Most will know that in the northern parts of Ghana, you will find the most heard mens of the nation, with much cattle. This fusion of Wiyaala is more than just creative, but the type of art to find on an international cover shoot.

Check the head shots below;





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