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How To Make Your Skin Glow Naturally

There are so many different skin types and different issues that you can get with your skin that the answer to the question of how you can get glowing skin naturally isn’t quite as simple as it first may seem. One thing is for sure, though, no one wants to have dull looking skin and no one wants to have to put up with things like dark circles under their eyes, blemishes, and pimples. So, while there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way to get perfect skin, there are some basic steps that everyone should be taking to improve the health of their skin. Here is our guide to the ten steps that will help give your skin a natural, radiant glow.

1. Cut out the junk

Step one on your road to glowing skin is to cut out the junk food. The fat and sugar in junk food plays havoc with your hormones and that will come out as oily, dull skin and it will cause blemishes. Most people enjoy a pizza or a burger sometimes, but if you are eating fast food regularly, it will damage your health as well as cause you problems with your skin.

2. Protect your skin from the elements

Both the cold winter winds and the hot summer sun can damage your skin, so, when the weather gets extreme, you would be well advised to protect your skin against the worst of the elements. Most experts agree that sunscreen should be worn at any time you expect to be out in the sun and, when it’s cold, a scarf wrapped around your face will protect your skin from the drying effect of the cold wind.

3. Always remove your makeup before you go to bed

When you sleep, you sweat and your skin excretes natural oils so, if you leave your makeup on overnight, it will clog your pores and that sweat and oil won’t be able to escape and the whole thing can become a very nasty mess! The end result will be blemishes on your skin and pimples, so always remove every last trace of makeup at night before you go to bed.

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is such as simple thing to do, but there are still a surprising number of people who don’t appreciate what benefits it can have. If you are not exfoliating at all, you will be amazed at the difference that it can make. All you need to do is use an exfoliating lotion, or even something as simple as olive oil and a little bit of sugar (or baking soda), to gently rub away the dead skin cells once or twice a week. It will improve the circulation of blood to your skin, keep the pores clean and it will go a long way towards making your skin look healthy and glowing.

5. Tie back your hair when you sleep

Even freshly washed hair has natural oils on it and day-old hair will have some dirt on it too. That’s why you should always tie long hair back when you sleep, so that you keep those oils away from your face and you don’t lie on your hair all night long, which can cause redness and blemishes. Tying your hair back also has the added advantage of stopping your hair getting tangled during the night.

6. Drink lots of water

You will no doubt know how important drinking water is of for your health, but it is equally important if you want to have clear, glowing skin. Water will keep your skin hydrated from the inside out and it also helps to flush harmful toxins out of your body. You should be drinking about one and half litres of water every day so, if you aren’t drinking that much, try drinking more water and see what an amazing difference it makes to your skin.

7. Cut down your alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a great way to wind down and relax, but if you are drinking alcohol regularly, it will have an impact on your skin. Alcoholic drinks are very dehydrating and they contain a lot of toxins. Reduce your alcohol consumption and you probably find that your skin starts to look a lot fresher and you will begin to develop a natural glow.

8. Get more sleep

Another trick to making skin glow naturally is to make sure that are getting enough sleep at night. When you get tired, you get stressed, and the stress hormones make your skin produce more oils. Try to get at least seven to eight hours uninterrupted sleep, on the nights that you aren’t going out, and you will feel a lot better for it and your skin will look a lot brighter.

9. Keep your pillowcases clean

Just like your hair can have a bad impact on your skin when you sleep, so too can your pillowcases. When you are asleep, your pillowcases pick up dirt and oil from your hair and skin and, after a while, that can all accumulate and it will be transferred back onto your skin. For clear and glowing skin, it’s really important that you change your pillowcase at least once a week.

10. Increase your Vitamin C

A diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will help you get glowing skin too, but most important of all are the foods that contain lots of Vitamin C. Some of the best foods for Vitamin C include fruits, like oranges, grapes and blackcurrants and vegetables, like broccoli and sweet potatoes. A good supply of Vitamin C will help brighten up your complexion and it also promotes the growth of collagen and slows the signs of ageing.

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