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Humility Is Secret Of My Longevity – Amy Newman

Amy Newman

THERE is no way anyone can mention the names of those who have helped preserve Gospel music in Ghana without including Amy Newman.

The fashionable and beautiful singer is one of the veterans in the industry, with about 40 years under her belt and her music has impacted many people.

At 58 years, she has had not only a successful singing career but an amazing marriage having been with husband for 39 years in a union that has been blessed with eight children; four boys and four girls.

In an era of celebrity scandals involving divorces and mud slinging in the media, Amy Newman’s life is worthy of celebrating and she told Showbiz recently that her secret is humility.

According to the Oye W’adom singer, to be successful in all you do, humility is the number one thing you need.

“In this life, all we need is humility. For me, I always say, yes I am a musician but I am not in competition with anyone. I am not one who follow trends and so I do not put unnecessary pressure on myself.

“When you have humility, these things called trends etc have nothing on you.

“Anytime I want to do something, I ask myself if it will be pleasing to God, is this what the bible expects of me. I see things on social media and I ask myself, ‘when, how did we get here? Why are we copying blindly?’

“It is sad but all I can say is that, just as Christ admonishes us, if we want to make it in life, we have to be humble and He will lift us up and I am a testimony of that,” she said.

For Mommy Amy as she is affectionately called, her humility is the reason why her marriage remains strong.

“I would not say it has been rosy. We have had our down times but the key thing is humility, you do not need to engage yourself in this ‘I know my right’ thing, no, just as Christ is the head of the church, your husband is the head of the house,” she stated.

Although she has kept up with the times including the popularity of social media in recent times, Amy Newman says she does not believe in the oversharing that some people do on social media and has made conscious efforts to keep her family out of the public eye.

“No I am not like that, it’s my private life and you hardly get me putting my grand children up as a display picture on my WhatsApp no, I just do not want to put my life out there like I am seeing today. The end results of these things are appalling,” she said.

It’s been years since she released any new material and Amy Newman, who recently launched a new album titled Siesie Me, told Showbiz, she doesn’t just churn out songs.

“I am not an artiste who is in hurry to bring out songs. I take my time to wait on the Lord, for Him to speak to me, to prepare me for what I have to do and it is in this light that my songs still make an impact any time they are played.

“I laid low for 14 years, putting things together and waiting on him and now he has given me songs that will change the life of anyone who listens.”

Very fashion forward and still looking fresh faced even at her age, Amy Newman thanks God for her vibrancy.

“Jesus died at a young age and the bible says he lives in us so why do I have to look old when he lives in me. But we thank God for life.

To the young ones who aspire to be like her, she advised that they get to know Christ.

“Jesus is the answer, in Him is life, they should find Him, walk in Him and surrender and everything they need will be given to them,” she said.

Amy received a national honour in 2007 in recognition of her contribution to the music industry.

A product of Takoradi Polytechnic, Amy Newman is a caterer by profession and enjoys spending time in kitchen.

Amy is known for songs like Wongya Me O, Lord Prepare Me and Nyame Woho Yedzin.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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