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I Didn’t Wreck My Baby Daddy’s Marriage – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson

After years of being accused of breaking a home, actress Yvonne Nelson has finally spoken, denying reports she is the reason her ex, Jamie Roberts, left his wife.

In the early days of their relationship, Jamie Roberts’ ex-wife accused the actress of dating her husband while they were still married.

However, Yvonne Nelson on Twitter said the relationship between her baby daddy and his ex was long over before she came into the picture.

Jamie Roberts, Yvonne Nelson and their baby Ryn Roberts

The actress’ comments come after a Twitter user called her out for criticising fathers for wrecking homes.

@geenaeus told the actress she is celebrated on Mothers’ Day regardless of her past and should do the same for fathers on Fathers’ Day.

He wrote, “all these rants aren’t necessarily my dear. Remember that you @yvonnenelsongh have been tagged by some people as a homewrecker…It is alleged that you have a kid with a married man against all odds. Yet we still deem you worthy of being celebrated on mothers day. Give men a break.”

Nelson who had shouldered accusations of being a home wrecker for years replied, “correction, his 2nd marriage was wrecked/over before I met him, he’s on Instagram….go ask him. He replies to his comments.”

Read Nelson’s initial post to men on father’s day;

“To the men, if you aren’t TRULY ready to be in a child’s life, F*cking protect yourselves, you are the reason for so many broken families and kids out there! A man’s world??? Today isn’t your day if you haven’t put in any work!”



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