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I Weep For Ghana’s Posterity

You know the feeling of gross disappointment, whenever you realize that the perpetrator of a hideous offense, is an older person. Like when you realize that the traffic offense you just witnessed, was committed by an older person, of sound mind, and body.

Again, it is quite disappointing, when you encounter an older person, who exhibits gross rudeness or disrespect to others, especially a younger person.

Our Ghanaian customs, and perhaps natural order, requires so much from our elders, especially in behavior. In as much as the younger ones are expected to accord elders with respect, this same social norm, requires our elders to carry themselves with comportment.

In Ghana today, one thing is becoming quite glaring. The social norm of elders, serving as good example to the older ones, seems to be fast tilting. They are failing us. Considering the kind of stories or scandals we keep hearing on a daily basis, some of our elders, are a disappointment.

For the youth, certain mistakes or crime is linked to youthfulness; youthful exuberance, as we term it. What is the term for that, by an older person?

Of course, there are some elders, living up to society’s expectations, in serving as the spice to the growth and development of this nation. In living lives, worthy of emulation. We salute their efforts and contributions to the growth of this nation. This article targets the bad nuts.

There is so much happening a daily basis. The various scandals of gross mismanagement, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery, and corruption, to list but a few, are all being spearheaded by older folks; our fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, grandfathers, grandmothers, and what have you.

I have on various instances tried to find valid explanations to these unfortunate issues, but all leads to SELFISHNESS and GREED. People are so greedy that they would do whatever, for money.

They are looting the coffers of this nation, in telling themselves that they are amassing wealth for their future generations, without considering the effect of their actions, and inactions, in a holistic manner.

In losing sight of the fact that the universe has a natural balance. What goes around, comes around. One way or the other, you will reap whatever it is, that you sow. As you steal, be prepared for the consequence.

For a country, and coming from a continent that expects and enforces total respect to our elders, the conducts of some of our elders, leaves much more to be desired. People are occupying so many influential positions, but not influencing positively on the younger ones.

We have older ones scrambling over positions that should be very well occupied by the younger ones. We have older ones looting the national coffers, leaving nothing for the future. Amassing wealth for the grave. We have older ones in amorous relationships with those old enough to be their grandchildren.

What is going on in this nation? Certain behavior, as we know it, is usually attributed to youthful exuberance.
As a person grows older, we expect a much better comportment.

Naturally, old age, or grey hair, is attributed to wisdom. Wisdom in the belief that the person knows better, from past unpleasant or perhaps pleasant experience.

It is sad to note that elsewhere in the developed or rapidly developing nations, policies that would ensure a brighter future for the younger ones, are their hallmarks. Policies are made to protect the interest of their future; the younger generation.

Back home, what do we see? Older people looting and sharing among themselves, leaving NOTHING at the table for the younger ones. Not surprising at all.

Especially with a culture, that expects older people to be served first, at meal times, before the younger ones are served. What will be left for the younger ones? The crumbles.

I weep for Ghana’s posterity. Because considering the way and manner in which or older ones, or some of them, as someone might choose to say, are carrying on with this nation, there lies no hope for the future.

How do we expect the future generation to hold high the flag of Ghana, in building this nation, when the very foundations blocks are being looted, sold, and shared by the elders of the land? What examples are being set for the younger generation?

I weep for posterity. But again, someone would retort that I rather weep for myself. In any case, this is my opinion.

By Anna Esi Hanson

Classic Ghana

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