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I’m Enjoying My Controversies – Nina Ricchie

Nina Ricchie

SINCE she emerged on the scene, singer Nina Ricchie, has been involved in one controversy or another; from people accusing her of going under the knife for her banging body to insults for her choice of outfits to social gatherings.

Not too long ago, the Black Avenue Muzilk (BAM) signee wore a white lacy cut-out bralette paired with shimmering pants to DJ Mensah’s recent All White party.

Nina’s ample breasts nearly burst the seams of the top, resulting in a wardrobe malfunction with her nipple being exposed, and that earned her insults.

As if that was not enough, Nina wore a barely there number to the main awards ceremony of this year’s All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), which came off on November 24, at the Accra International Conference Centre and of course she was slammed for that.

One would think that she would be affected by the nasty comments but Nina tells Showbiz that she is rather enjoying all the controversies.

“I am expected to be worried, disturbed that people are calling me names and insulting me but the truth is girl, I am enjoying the controversies, it is fun for me and I have no issues with it.

“The thing is that I have been trained so things like this do not get to me.

“Look, I had braces when I was very young and I have heard all the nasty comments till now. I have seen and heard it all so this is not the time for me to break and have issues because people want to talk.

“It’s okay for them to do but I am enjoying it,” she stated.

She added, “When you are like that, you keep people guessing what your next line of action is, what they should expect from you and for me that’s not cool.”

Commenting on her fashion choice for the AFRIMA, Nina Ricchie said “I design as well so I designed what I wore. I wear what I feel good and comfortable in and that is what fashion is about.

“Anyone close to me will tell you that I love fashion, the most important is feeling good about me, what I wear and not what anyone thinks.

“I am also very daring so I guess that was what I put into that dress I wore to the event which has got a lot of people talking but people should just accept me for my daring nature.”

She also explained that it was not intentional for her nipple to show at the All White party. “Honestly, I did not plan for that to happen, it was not intentional.

“The event was themed all white and I did not have all white and because I thought I was not allowed to wear any other thing apart from white I was like, ‘I can wear this and a pair of trousers’ and that was it. It was not premeditated,” she said.

As much as she enjoys the controversy that follows her, Nina does not want people to forget about the fact that she has a talent which is singing.

“I can sing, I have the voice and the talent so it is not like I am selling myself with what I wear, no, my talent also counts,” she told Showbiz.

Nina Ricchie, real name Nina Yaa Sancio, who comes from the Ashanti Region but lives in Canada, had a word for those who are always on her case.

“Most of these people who are always attacking me are people who are not happy with themselves, so they pour their frustrations on you by coming at you with all kinds of stories, accusations and speculations.

“But for me, I will be myself, because no one can fill my shoes or my position,” she said.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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