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Invest In Your Looks – Style Coach Ms Nancy

Ms Nancy

OUR celebrities have sometimes raised concerns about how they have been misjudged because of their appearance but style coach, Nancy Adobea Anane, popularly known as Ms Nancy, has advised them to dress according to how they want to be addressed.

Ms Nancy said most of the celebrities forgot that what they put on told people who they were.

“These celebrities think they know how to put things together, they take for granted the fact that what you put on tells a lot about who you are and in the end informs how people will see you and treat you. Yet these celebrities do not care which is not good at all.

“Even when going on stage, you need to take time to look at what you will wear; is it suitable for the occasion? I will be jumping and when I do it, will it expose my camel toe? On the red carpet when I am taking pictures and I turn will my boobs show? Is it a corporate event or just a jam etc?

“These are just a few of the things they need to consider. It doesn’t matter if you are an artiste or actor or not, once you are in the limelight, you need to consider how you look on the outside,” she told Showbiz recently.

Ms Nancy indicated that celebrities were responsible for the kind of comments they had.

“The interesting part is that when the things they take for granted come back at them, then they complain and say all kinds of things but they forget they caused it but it is very important that they take that aspect also seriously.

“Irrespective of what genre of music you do, be it gospel or whatever, you need to communicate in every way and how you look is vital,” she added.

In view of this, Ms Nancy said there was the need for celebrities to have a style coach. “Everyone thinks they can put themselves together when it comes to dressing and they take us for granted  but before you speak, your clothing says a lot about you.

“A style coach is different from a stylist, a style coach is someone who will not just dress you up but will make you understand how important it is to dress because how you dress is how people will see you.

“He or she is someone who will help define who you are. People lack an understanding of what their style is saying about them. A style coach will help appreciate your body knowing well that style is attitude, you need to find an attitude to go with your brand,” she said.

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Ms Nancy, who has been in the styling business for four years and has dressed celebrities, politicians among others said the experience had been great.

“I am the style coach for the EIB Network and I have worked with a lot of people and it has not been easy.

“Sometimes, you meet people who have ego issues and think they know it all, they are not ready to listen to what you have to tell them but then you have to try and massage their egos positively and bring out the best in them because what they put on represents you,” she stated.

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