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John Dumelo Display Fresh And Beautiful Watermelons From His Farm

Ghanaian actor, entrepreneur, politician and philanthropist, John Dumelo display fresh and beautiful watermelons he harvested from his farm on social media.

He captions the picture, “Fresh from the farm….it’s great to be a farmer.”


The actor and entrepreneur now focus on crop and animal farming than acting movies. He had displayed his maize farm, goats, cattle, and snails.

Agriculture in Ghana is identified as one of the economic pillars for development. Unfortunately, most Ghanaian youths avoid the agric sector as Ghana import bulk of food from abroad.

Most Ghanaian youths have a negative understanding of those in the agric sector especially farmers as uneducated, unskilled, poor and physical labourers.

John is challenging such perception as he inspires the youth of Ghana to venture into agriculture. He stated that he wants to be bigger than Darko farms.


Source: African Post Online
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