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Kidney Health For Everyone Everywhere: Living Well With Kidney Disease

“I was a healthy young man, and I thought I was invincible before I was diagnosed with kidney disease”…Sean Smith.

Apart from detoxifying the body through the removal of waste and toxins from the blood passed out in urine, which is not alien to a lot of people, the kidney plays other crucial roles like regulation of blood pressure, water content, maintenance of bone strength and electrolytes (that is potassium, sodium which humans cannot live without). A kidney dysfunction amounts to derangement of the above like irregularly controlled blood pressure leading to hypertension. A kidney in good shape leads to a healthily functioning liver, heart and other organs of our body.

The UN migration agency reports in 2019 revealed that a kidney costs about $262,000 on the black market in the Middle East, an equivalent of over than GHc 1.5 million. It is advised that, if you have 2 kidneys sitting inside of you then, it is important to keep them well just as you will treat a fortune in the bank.

All over the world, World Kidney Day is celebrated on 11th March. The day is set aside to commemorate and commiserate with people living with kidney disease and to sensitize the rest of the population on habits that harm the world’s most expensive organ, the kidney and best practices to keep them healthy.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been a steady increase in the prevalence of kidney disease of more than 32% from 2005 to 2015. Additionally, about 10 million people all around the world die of kidney disease and related complications annually. In Ghana, a little over 13 in every 100 people live with chronic kidney disease. It has therefore become very imperative that we have this discourse to inform, educate and advise on how to protect the kidney and to live well even if one, unfortunately, has kidney disease. Numerous causes and risk factors of kidney disease exist but the five (5) taking centre stage at the moment are diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, family history of kidney disease and obesity.

It is relieving to hear that a good control and management of the above is good enough to protect anyone from kidney disease. Boiling meat is strongly advised as a healthy substitute for frying.

A WHO recommended regular aerobic exercise regimen of 150minutes per week is good enough to check inappropriate weight gain issues (obesity).

Prefer to take the stairs rather than the elevator to protect your kidney today.

Resorting to natural sugars in honey, fruits and vegetables rather than processed sugar in canned foods and soft drinks improves kidney health.

Adequate treatment of a simple Urinary Tract infection (UTI) by completing the dose for the prescribed number of days is also helpful.

Taking at least 6-7 sachets of water (matching 3 litres of water daily) is strongly advised and mandatory to have a well-functioning kidney.

Desist from self-medicating when ill.

Desist from taking herbal concoction not approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

This is because some of these preparations strenuously put pressure on the kidney to remove improperly purified components. Chronically taking these have a deleterious effect on the kidney.

Information from the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital reveals that herbal preparations are coming up as a major cause of kidney disease. The above list looks trivial, easy and less expensive to implement and can easily be thrown into the dark; but it is worth noting that it is much more expensive to live with a deranged kidney and astronomical to have it replaced through organ acquisition and transplantation.

People live healthily and sometimes even longer than the normal age expected even after being diagnosed with kidney diseases because they reduce their salt intake, religiously take their prescribed medications, honour their scheduled time with the doctor, go for regular dialysis, visit the doctor even on unscheduled days when they are unwell, reduce alcohol intake but stop smoking.

I would love to encourage that we all give emotional support to Persons living with Kidney Disease in society.

Lets us be reminded that Covid-19 is still here with us, we must continue to wear our face mask and obey all the COVID-19 protocols because chronic kidney disease presents itself as a comorbidity that worsens COVID-19.


Source: African Post Online

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