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Kofi Annan’s Wife Visits Agro-Processing Firm That Empowers Rural Women

Wife of former UN Secretary-General, Nane Lagergren Annan, has paid a visit to Casa De Ropa, one of the 1D1F initiatives by government that grows and processes orange-fleshed sweet potato into products.

Nane Lagergren Annan, an advocate of the consumption of orange-fleshed sweet potato, visited the farm to assess the progress being made with the orange-fleshed sweet potato and to support the rural women who are making inroads as a result of the empowerment through Agric.

She was excited that the economic and social situations of over 200 women who have been engaged by the company to plant orange-fleshed sweet potato are being changed.

Mrs Annan spent time listening to the women tell their stories, stories about what they used to do and what they are doing now that have changed their lives.

In Ghana, women’s participation in rural labour markets varies considerably across regions, but invariably women are over-represented in unpaid, seasonal and part-time work, and the available evidence suggesting that women are often paid less than men, for the same work.

Their activities typically include producing agricultural crops, tending animals, processing and preparing food, working for wages in agricultural or other rural enterprises, collecting fuel and water, engaging in trade and marketing, caring for family members and maintaining their homes.

“I am excited that many women are being engaged in agric. Developing them through Agric is key It’s very refreshing to hear from them that their circumstances are changing for the better,” she said.

She’s of the belief that if women in Agric development are given the necessary support, the country would develop in an amazing fashion and many women would be empowered.

Nane Lagergren Annan took time to consume some of the products that have been made from the orange flesh sweet potato. The company has made bread, chips, biscuits, cakes and pizza from the orange flesh sweet potato.

“The orange flesh sweet potato is healthy, nutritious and very good for the growth of children. It requires. What’s interesting is that no artificial sugar is added. This will reduce the sugar and flour imports in the country. I am thrilled that the company is going to make over 21 products from the potato,” she averred.

She was conducted around the farm by the CEO of the Company, Ebenezer Obeng Baffoe, Chief Technical and Technology Officer, Anthony Dawson-Amoah and Chief Programs officer, Joseph Okyere.


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