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Kwame Sarfo – Ghanaian Homeless Man Turned Into A Super Star In USA

Kwame Sarfo

At the age of 25 years Kwame Sarfo who is currently living in Newark, New Jersey is an epitome of inspiration for many young people across America and Africa especially Ghanaians who admire him for his great feats.

Having braced the huddles of life at an early age of just 12 years old, he had made a name of himself by acquiring two degrees through his own sweat and previously being homeless.

On recounting his story at his interview with Steve Harvey on The Steve Harvey show, he talked about his life from when he worked at that young age until he was able to go to school. Then being able to clear off his loan debt, which had accumulated to a total of $60,000 at the age of 23 when he graduated from his masters degree program.

He continued to narrate how paying off his school loans put him into a hard situation that rendered him homeless. At that moment in life, he was sleeping in cars and hotels whenever he made something. He talked about believing in God placing his children in situations he knows they could overcome. This motivated him to look beyond his challenges and finally landed him in a new job.


Many people know Kwame for his fitness routines, which he showcases on his social media handle Instagram @lowkey_fleumatique. This routine got him to go viral with the unique approach he puts into it, breaking the regular norms of pushups with his own totally new styles. His inspiration he said was from listening to a podcast which said successful people wake up before sunrise and Bill Gates wakes up at 5:30am. According to him he wanted to beat into his time and begun waking up earlier than that with a daily routine of prayer first and then working out. This fitness routine landed him a place in the TITAN GAMES which is hosted by Dwayne Johnson also known as the Rock as a competitor. On his appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres show, he revealed working out 14 times in a week.


Kwame Sarfo shared how he always wanted to give back to the society and by that he meant the community he grew up in. Having met a woman he described as amazing who came to his work place looking for small donations, he teamed up with her to do more with his influence, they are currently working on a project that seeks to raise awareness towards needy children and to provide for students in the Barringer high school food and clothing pantry. He had provided for many of these children and is doing more each day.

Kwame Sarfo

He is now signed as a model to the Artist Agency where he continues to thrive and looks forward to acquiring his MBA and breaking barriers into higher places.


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