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Leading UK Boutique Firm Eyes Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa And Sierra Leone Markets

ATS Boutique, a leading UK boutique firm is eyeing Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa (SA) and Sierra Leone boutique markets as it seeks to expand to the African continent.

The Chief Executive Officer of ATS Boutique, Anne ATS who disclosed this in an interview, explained that the decision to start with the first three countries was based on her vision to have ATS Boutique in five countries.

She also revealed that in terms of expanding, the company is not only focusing on African countries the USA markets as well.

She told this publication: “We specialize in helping clients make the right choice of clothing that suits their personality. In addition to offering advice in wardrobe setting and makeup, we also offer other services such as organizing a closet, providing hair extensions as well as colouring and styling hair, and picking up the right types of jewelry”.

Ms ATS added that they possess professional experience in designing various wardrobes, having extensive knowledge of the latest trend in fashion industries with an in-depth knowledge of colour and composition suitable for different outfits.

“We offer suggestions to clients in improving wardrobe collections and makeup accessories, we prepare samples of fashion accessories, clothing and styles of various fashion shows”, the beautiful CEO of the company stated.

“We update our regular clients with latest seasonal wardrobe collections, analysing suitable colours, cuts and designs for clients of outfits including jewelry and makeup.

We also assist clients in determining colour palettes by analyzing their skin tone, hair textures and personal tastes. We also select outfits for photo shoots, fashion shows and social events for clients”.

These make the company standout tall above its competitions in the UK. The boutique company also sells high quality clothes for affordable prices so anyone and everyone can afford it, Ms ATS added.

Target clients
She was quick to say that the company’s target clients are the young, petit and curvy ladies who are always looking for quality clothing that fit their bodies.

“The AST Boutique has clients from all over the world, according to Ms ATS”.

Touching on how to lead the boutique industry, she said: “We intend to lead the industry by staying current and delivering the latest styles seen on the major celebs and influencers to average, everyday women who want it after seeing it all over their social media feeds”.

Source: Africa Eye Report

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