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Most Ghanaian Men Are Jobless So I Date Only White Men Now – Ella Mensah

Ella Mensah

Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, has openly stated that she’s done with Ghanaian men because she has noticed that most of them are jobless and talk too much.

According to the actress and self-styled entrepreneur, who can’t disclose her businesses on TV due to security reasons, she is now into white men, particularly, those who are rich because poor men can’t even approach.

Further talking about her relationship rumours of dating a popular footballer and married men on the Delay Show, Ella said, “I have repented so no more married men, right now I am single and ready to mingle but not a Ghanaian guy”.

Explaining the reason behind blacklisting Ghanaian men from dating her, she added that ‘I have brothers that I love them but Ghanaian men, most are jobless so they turn to be worrisome, they kiss and tell too much’.

Delay asked Ella which men she is into now and she said: “right now I do white men only and I’ve gotten some American man right now”.

She, however, added that it’s not just any white man but a rich one because she is out of the league of poor men. “Poor people, when they see me, they pass, I am not their spec.,” she said.

Hear more from Ella in the video below and tell us what you think.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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