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Mothers, Thank You

A mother is a very important person in the life of every person..

You grew up in her womb and lived on her nutrients. When you were born, completely helpless, she breast-fed and nurtured you with patience, compassion and tenderness.

She did everything even at the risk of her life to make you what you are today. She may have slept on the bare floor in the hospital for months to nurse you. She may also have sold her properties to keep you in school. When everyone was giving you up and leaving your door she was the only one who entered to help you.

A mother’s work is never done. She is your dietician, teacher, housekeeper, seamstress, repairer, model, spiritual leader and disciplinarian. She finds it rewarding to give you all she can to you. She works for the family. The life, work and path of a woman is so difficult and demanding that no man can fully understand. In fact, no man can go through the stress and pain of labour and stay alive! It is therefore appropriate that we set time aside to appreciate our mothers.

Significance of appreciation
When you appreciate your mother you make her feel valued and important. You make her feel special, cherished and loved. You acknowledge she is the reason for your life and without her you could never have been who and what you are. Your appreciation gives your mother a sense of fulfillment that her efforts are not in vain. You motivate her to do more in unique ways for you.

How to celebrate your mother

Make every effort to be reunited with her: Talk about your life story from the beginning to the present. Talk about the good and the bad, the happy and anxious moments and be happy for everything because they were all God’s good plans for you.

Share a meal: Visit friends and relatives or places of interest. Take pictures and sing your traditional songs. Doing something unexpected brings meaningful memories. Evaluate your relationship and see what you can do better. for example you can resolve to give up a habit that worries your mother.

If your mother has hurt you this is a good time to forgive her. God commands you to forgive and even more so your mother who gave your life. If you do not forgive her God will not forgive you.

Send a gift you can afford: Give what is meaningful to your mother. Seven years ago a man bought a brand new Mercedes for his step-mother because she made the difference in his life. It is the good intention that matters but not how expensive the gift is.
Thank your mother for all has she done:

The simplest way is to say it personally and face to face. It shows love and respect. Prepare what to say and encode it to give emotional touch but avoid exaggeration. Verbalise your affirmation and renew your commitment to show love support and care. You may write a letter or send a voice mail.

Mothersyeda moa se paa
You can’t thank your mother enough for what she has done for you. The least you can do is to celebrate her by reflecting, honouring, and acknowledging the help she has given you. This is important because nothing good comes your way until you acknowledge the one who gave birth to you. If nothing at all thank your mother for the gift of life.

Mother’s day is a celebration of love because a mother is an embodiment of love by her patience, kindness and the sacrifices she makes to build humanity. Great mothers make great children, great families and great societies and since a mother is the root of humanity, celebration of Mother’s Day is a celebration for all mankind.

Let us all resolve to be ‘sweet mothers’ by the sacrifices we make to make others and humanity better. Celebrate Mother’s Day today and always. Mothers yeda moa se paa. Happy Mother’s Day!



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