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National Theatre Applauded For Brilliant “Aramintha” Production

The National Theatre of Ghana has received a lot of commendations from audience, who were wowed with the Theatre’s recent production dubbed; “Araminta! Harriet Tubman Live”.

The stage play performance was organized by the National Theater to commemorate the country’s Year of Return festivities of the 400th centennials since the first enslaved African arrived in Jamestown Virginia, United State of America (USA).

The three-day play held from Thursday, February 21 – Saturday February 23, paid respect to Harriet Tubman’s relentless resolve for liberty or death as an inspiration for others to follow in the pursuit of freedom and equality.

It revealed the legacy of a strong Africa woman with a vision of freeing the black race from slavery.

The play was lively and thrilled audience with musical waves together with West African Ring Shouts, Africa American Negro Spirituals, dance and storytelling to reveal how Harriet Ross Tubman Davis – distinctive as many Africa warrior queens, was just as much a heroine for Ghana as she is for America.

In an interaction with the GNA Entertainment, after the three-day event, some audience were full of praise for the organisers for a sublime and excellent production.

Here are some impressions from the audience; Cariona Debu from the Netherlands; “I think it was beautiful. It was so dynamic, lots of energy, the songs, the music, the dancing was fabulous and great. I think this brought Theatre in Ghana to the next level. The cast and how they performed, the faces on stage were all part of bringing the show to the audience rather than just standing on stage.”

Caroline Sena; “I am originally from Trinidad and Tobacco in the Carribean, I am married to a Ghanaian and just retired four years ago. I am very impressed, as I talk to you know I am very emotional. I think it was very timely that they chose this time, the year of return to feature the work of Harriet Tubman. Because those of us who are descendants from people who were enslaved feel very encouraged that Ghanaians are appreciating what we and our people went through.”

Barbara Bryan from New York City; “What I saw today was wonderful, the music, the dance and the performance were wonderful. I knew a lot about Harriet Tubman in the States, so it was just nice to see in music. We need to bring more of the high school children to these productions and let them see and learn about their history.”

Adwoa Dzifa from Queens New York; “We just enjoyed the whole production and it was fabulous. Very entertaining, very educational, music and costumes were awesome and everything generally went well. I enjoyed it and whenever I come back, I will always come to the theatre.”

Harriet Tubman, birth name ‘’Araminta’’ a descendant of the Ashanti people surpassed all odds to become one of the most prominent freedom fighters in USA history having led hundreds of enslaved Africans out of bondage.

Source: GNA

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