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Nothing Wrong With Beauty Pageants – Charlotte Derban

In the last few years, beauty pageants seem to have lost their shine with many people criticising it as becoming an avenue for young ladies to be exploited or gain quick fame.

Some sections of the public have even called for them to be scrapped as in their view, these pageants add nothing useful to the economy.

However, a former contestant of Miss Ghana in 2015, Charlotte, says she sees nothing wrong with beauty pageants because they help prepare young ladies to face the world.

“I see nothing wrong with pageants but the issue is everyone wants to become a beauty queen. When you come out from a pageant, you need to do a lot to gain recognition.

“For instance, I did not win Miss Ghana when I contested but I make sure I leave a good imprint wherever I go. The platform should groom you well enough to confidently face the world,” she told the Daily Graphic.

Charlotte Derban, who is also known as Charly D, is now an actress and a model. She added entrepreneur to her career as she recently opened an eatery, Charly’s, at Ashaley Botwe in Accra.

She has encouraged young people to work hard if they want to make their dreams a reality. She also revealed that she had faced tough times but had not lost her focus.

“If you have so many things going on in your life and you think you cannot make it, just know that it is not impossible. Give yourself some time and that story will change for good. People may disappoint you but believe in God, yourself, your craft and work hard to achieve that thing,” she said.

Charlotte also urged employees to give off their best disclosing that her selfless service to her former employers had pushed her to greater heights.

“If you are working for someone, just work hard and do it well. My former bosses are always supporting me because they know how I served them. As a worker, do not feel your superiors are using you, just serve to be served later,” she said.

As an actress, Charlotte Derban has featured in movies such as The Wife, Beautiful Ruins, Order from Above, Shuttered Romance among others. She is currently a cast member of Bombo Clinic, a series airing on UTV.

Her work as a model has seen her do commercials for companies including Special Ice Mineral Water, Vodafone, Kasapreko Alomo Bitters, Pure Fresh Gum, Coca Cola and Mentos.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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