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Our Music Industry isn’t Growing – Eazzy


Singer Eazzy says after decades of unearthing talents the Ghana music industry has not shown any signs of growth.

In an interview with JoyPrime’s Ibrahim Ben Bako, she said the industry does not have definite structures to support artistes, adding that it is still lacking an effective royalty system.

“When I came to the industry there was no royalty system and there is still no royalty system after 10 good years, so, I don’t see how it is growing,” Eazzy said.

She explained that there are no systems helping and supporting people in the creative arts industry.

The ‘Forever’ hitmaker said artistes however have taken it upon themselves to improve on their craft since they became household names.

Eazzy explained that, as a result, individual artistes over the years have shown immense growth.

“If you take artistes that have stayed in the industry for let’s say 10 years, you look back and see that this person has grown. They’ve released hits, filmed abroad, won awards, gone on tours, they’ve emerged and increased in fan base.”

She said that, however, the industry that is meant to help push these artistes is staying the same.

“Artistes are really trying, they are putting their back into it, they are going to the studios with their own money, most of them are not under big record labels so its manager and you trying to keep the fans. We are increasing in growth and numbers but we still can’t get royalties from our own country,” she added.



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