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Perming Is Time Consuming; Going Natural Is Not An Easy Way Out Either

How people keep their natural hair could either seduce you to join the natural hair gang or cause you to hate it for life!

Some women have strong dislike for natural hair just because of how untidy and unstylish others keep theirs.

Going natural is not a free zone as most people perceive it to be. Natural hair also requires time and resources so if you are switching from permed to natural because you want an easy way out, then you have to rethink your decision.

With permed hair, you can just wake up and throw it into a bun or just comb it and your’re off. Same cannot be said of natural hair because more often than not naturalistas have to braid their hair or use brush rollers at night to enable easer styling the next day. So if you’re lazy with your hair, natural is not for you.

Natural hair salons charge more for washing and styling than the normal salon would charge. This is because the natural hair salon uses natural hair products which are costlier than normal range of products for permed hair. So thinking of going natural, your pocket got to be a bit loaded.

Others have argued that going natural may be expensive as you make it. The choice is yours.

If you decide to take care of your natural hair at home to avoid hefty salon bills, you still got to get the natural hair products to help you get the best of your hair. Sets of products could range from Gh100 and above so bear that in mind. And you need to dedicate some time too!

If you want to go all natural consider these factors and weight the options before you take a plunge.

This is not to say going natural is bad. Just go natural if you want to but make it appealing enough for others to go natural too.

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