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Prisoner Launches Book

Gerald Geoffrey Amenyo (in white)

An inmate of the Nsawam Prison, Mr Gerald Geoffrey Amenyo, has launched a 161-page book at the Ghana Prisons Head Quarters in Accra.

The book, which is titled “Not Rejection but Direction”, seeks to encourage personers, especially those who feel rejected by their families and loved ones to not lose hope.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE at the event, Mr Amenyo indicated that the book was “God’s directives to persons who feel rejected, abandoned, and forsaken, while in actual fact, they are on God’s calendar”.

The author expressed the belief that his latest literature work will assure readers that God is able to make a difference in their situation with time.

“We easily blame God for our predicaments to the extent of doubting the existence of God when we find ourselves in affliction.

“Yet, in the plans of God, such moments are designed to ‘end in praise’ to reveal the plans of God for our lives,” he stated.

Recounting the ordeal of prisoners, Amenyo stated that aside the congestion in the prison, most families of prisoners do not visit them, which makes them feel rejected and abandoned.

He called on the government to pay more attention to prisoners and consider their sentences.

He also advised the youth to look up to God in whatever challenges they face, urging them to desist from anything that would bring them to the prison.


The Founder of Ropheka Foundation, Dr Mary Ofei Agyeman, who supported in the production of this book,expressed the opinion that there were lots of potential in the prisons across the country.

She further added that her foundation, which cares for the vulnerable and the less privileged in the society, is willing to support anyone who exhibits great potential.



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