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‘Side Chick’ Sues Sugar Daddy Over Refusal To Take Care Of Her

A woman in Accra, has sued a man who she claims to be her “sugar daddy” for allegedly breaching an agreement to take care of her.

In a suit dated Monday, January 23, 2023, filed at the Accra High Court, Deborah Seyram Adablah, contends that her “sugar daddy” [name withheld] agreed to buy her a car, pay for her accommodation for three years, give her a monthly stipend of GH¢3,000, marry her after divorcing his wife and also give her a lump sum to start a business.

It is her case that the “sugar daddy” although bought the car and registered it in his (sugar daddy’s name), he has taken the car back, denying her access to use it after about a year of enjoying the Honda Civic worth GH¢120,000, while he also paid for only one year accommodation.

Adablah who claims that she was forced into the relationship during the period she did her national service has also accused the “sugar daddy” of abuse, sexual harassment, maltreatment, exploitation and also lowering her reputation.


The plaintiff is seeking an order from the court directed at the “sugar daddy” to transfer the title of the car into her name, and also give her back the car.

She is also asking the court to order the defendant to pay her the lump sum to enable “her start a business to take care of her self as agreed by the plaintiff and the defendant.”

Another relief is for the court to order the “sugar daddy” to pay the outstanding two years accommodation as agreed between her and the defendant.

Again, she wants the court to order the defendant to pay her medical expenses as a result of a “side effect of a family planning treatment” the defendant told her to do in order not to get pregnant.


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