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Stop Oversharing On Social Media – Ella Mensah

Ella Mensah

SOCIAL media seems to have brought celebrities closer to their fans; now fans are given glimpses into the lives of the celebs, they get to comment on their posts and they even get responses back.

Some even get the opportunity to hang out with and win freebies from their favourite celebrities and this has made the social media platforms very active.

However, some celebs seem to spend all their lives on social media, sharing intimate details of all aspects of their daily activities with the world but for actress, Ella Mensah, there is everything wrong with it and she has cautioned her colleagues to be careful.

According to her, it’s not okay to put your entire life on social media. “It’s wrong to do that, you can post stuff there once in a while but displaying your love life, family life, everything that goes on in your life on social media is dangerous.

“First, it brings unnecessary attention, people tend to get jealous and the evil ones start finding out stuff about your relationships and mess them up,” she told Showbiz.

Ella Mensah added that the most dangerous practice is when unmarried female celebs keep displaying their men anytime they are in a relationship.

“I wouldn’t display my man on social media for anything. Most of my colleagues are always on social media explaining issues as to what led to their relationships crashing,” she said.

Ella stated that “most people are not happy in this life and will do anything just to make you miserable too. Making such people see how happy and blessed you are is dangerous because they will wish evil for you. Another thing is that, not everyone deserves to know the real you so it’s not advisable to show everything.”

To Ella, such celebrities end up putting pressure on themselves just to keep their fanbase. “I know of some celebrities who live fake lives to please their fans. It’s really not necessary because you cannot keep up forever,” she said.

Ella Mensah has starred in movies like Bed Of Roses, I’m About To Wed, Playboy, Pretty Queen, Shakira and Deadline and she wishes government would invest more in the entertainment sector.

“I really feel it is time the government takes a second look at our industry and push a lot of money into it just like the Nigerians and other countries have done,” she added.


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