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The Latest Twist To Braids Taking Over Ghana

Social media has made it easier to spot hairstyles gaining popularity among women and to say, the Ghana braids style with one or two strands hanging over the ears is having a moment is not far-fetched.

This hairstyle is the usual Ghana braids or cornrow as others prefer to call it, with a twist to it; one or two strands of braids is neatly woven over the ears and hangs in front loosely, giving the wearer a stylish look.

The past few months have seen social media awashed with pictures of celebrities and other individuals alike rocking this hairstyle with class.

It can be worn by women of all ages and presents an opportunity for women who want to transform their looks.

Apart from it giving Ghanaian women a stylish look, it is also a protective hair style which saves you the time of frequenting the salon while helping your hair to grow.

If you are fashion freak, you would know by now that this style is gradually crawling its way into the fashion scene and by December this year, it would have gained the most popular hairstyle status in Ghana.

Below are varying versions of this style you can try out.




Classic Ghana

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