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Top Radio Stations In Ghana Promote Negativity For Free – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian filmmaker Yvonne Nelson vents her spleen on some top Ghanaian radio stations who promote negativity over positivity.

According to the “House of Gold” actress, some top radio stations in Ghana always take money to promote the works of filmmakers but promote negativity for free.

It’s unclear what triggered her statement; however, it seems she isn’t pleased with the low media support she’s getting for her new Netflix deals.

She wrote this in a tweet today: “In my country, radio stations (usually the big names) will take money from you to promote your WORKS/WINS and turn around and promote negativity for FREE. Entertainment shows are full of degrading women in the business.”

Yvonne Nelson has been very vocal on matters pertaining to showbiz and politics in Ghana.

Early this month, she hit hard at fellow actors and claimed the industry is full of jealousy and hatred.

“Ghanaian entertainment industry = you’d have to actually tell peeps in the industry to push your work…..they see it and ignore! I’m THANKFUL the fans BELIEVE in me! Afterall I do this for the FANS,” she tweeted, adding that “woke up this morning just thinking…… I DONT GET WHY INDUSTRY PEOPLE HATE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!!! Like can you be happy when someone wins? And such wins are actually for GH?? Imagine being a blackstar player and hating when another player scores for GH!”


Source: Pulse Ghana

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