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Top Secrets To Ageless Glowing Beautiful Skin

When we hear the word aging in skin care, what age bracket do you think of ?

Your skin actually start aging in your 20’s but isn’t visible to the eyes.

By your mid or late 20’s, the visible lines might begin to appear around the eye area and your skin gets dryer

In your 30’s, the skin becomes thinner and less plump.

By your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s it increases and becomes more obvious as we age.

Prevention with natural products is cheaper and less expensive in handling your skin so as to remain ever young.

From the age of 20yrs, you have to start learning the secrets to an ever – young and glowing skin, so that in your 50’s, you will look like you are still in your 30’s, there are so many people like that, most of them work hard to achieve such looks, it does not just come by magic but by making your skin care routine a daily habit, we have daily and weekly natural skin care routine which if put into practice and let it be part and parcel of you, you will have less worries in later years.

Below are some of the ageless and glowing skin care routine you have to start practicing immediately

What quantity of water do you drink daily? Do you know there are so many ageless benefits of drinking enough water on an empty stomach? Do you know your body weight determines the quantity of water you are suppose to take daily? Do you know the colour of your urine shows whether you are taking enough water or not? I will be giving answers to all these questions in my special whatsup classes coming up next month.

My advice to all is to drink enough water daily for an ever young and glowing skin

Are you an insomniac? Well I have news for you.
Sleeping pills are actually designed to make us sleep but they are a poor substitute for the natural sleep cycles that the brain and the skin needs in order to function well.

Sedation is not real sleep, what all these pills really do is to sedate us, you need to address the underlying cause of what is keeping you awake.

Some basic natural ways to make you sleep are:
1. Take a shower before going to sleep.
2. A cup of warm milk or chocolate drink can make you sleep. Also warm water and honey make you sleep well

3. Chamomile has been used as a sleep aid for thousands of years so I recommend drinking chamomile tea.

4. Soft, relaxing music or listening to nature in music form for thirty to sixty

minutes before your bed time.
5. Lavender oil is calming, take a hot bath with lavender oil before bed time to relax your body and mind.

6. Turn off all the electronics around you about an hour before you want to sleep.

7. Get a body massage often, it relaxes your overall body

8. Exercise improves sleep and overall health, so incorporate it into your daily routine for ageless skin

9. Keep your slumber surroundings tranquil. Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. Piles of clothes everywhere, clutter etc staring at you at night may hamper and prevent you sleeping well.

10. Make your room dark or switch off lights for bettter sleep

Try any of the above remedies if you have problems sleeping, good sleep from 6-8 hours daily is idle for an ever-young and glowing skin

Do you know going to bed with your makeup ages you faster than any thing else. Before going to bed make sure you use a makeup remover and remove all your makeup, clean, tone and moisturize your face, when you wake up in the morning you will see how your face is glowing that should be a daily skin care routine to you for ageless skin.

Sun is the number one cause of premature aging. The dangerous UV rays reacts negatively to the skin especially when using chemically made product. Sunscreen is a must when going under the sun, there are naturally made sunscreen which i will be teaching in special whatsup classes. you can also use caps or glasses when moving under the sun. So many people experience sun and cream burn all because they dont sunscreen when moving under the sun and you all know that sun burn makes u look older than your age.

My advice is always use natural sunscreen instead of buying more chemical as sunscreen from the market.

We all know red oil is meant for cooking but i will shock you it has more benefits in glowing your skin than even cooking. Its the number one glowing skin item. I will be outlining all the benefits of red oil to the skin as we progress.

For now, my advice to to add little red oil to your rubbing oil and use everyday on your skin or put some red oil on your palms, rub on your face two or three hours before bed time, then wash your face and do your daily routine for a glowing skin.

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