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Tourism Minister Meets Stakeholders In The Creative Arts Industry

Mrs. Catherine Abelema Afeku

The Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture has met stakeholders in the creative arts industry to deliberate on the film industry.

The meeting was to listen to practitioners on the classifications art and to tease out to reboot the movie film industry and to look at where the sector was now, why it had stalled and the way forward.

Mrs Catherine Abelema Afeku urged all stakeholders in the industry to be involved in their individual activities.

“One cannot make a movie without music, costume, script writers, production crew and the media.”

She said the deliberation would come out with adequate inputs to further their course adding “This is one of the sectors with a lot of promises, a lot is being made in the industry, and it is important to recognise the sector and re-strategize it,” Mrs Afeku said.

She said the only sector that was seen to be begging was the creative arts industry, and it was time to put the building blocks in place and include everybody in terms of inputs and creativity as well as revenue sharing strategy.

The sector Minister noted that there was the need to get some resources from the government at a minimum interest to put the arts at the top to command the respect that it deserved, saying that government was always willing to in the sector.

“In the creative industry we are alone looking for a helping hand to take off, and with the support and help of all stakeholders we shall get there.”

The meeting was attended by members from the film industry, music, costume, scrip writers, production crew and the media.

Source: GNA

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