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[True Story] I Refused My Boss Sex, He Sacked Me But I’m Proud Of My Decision

In 2012, Nana Esi had completed Senior High School and was seriously scouting for a job. He finally landed a job in a music studio on the Spintex road, Accra.

She thought God had answered her fervent prayers. Unbeknownst to her, the hurdle that awaited her was incomparable to being unemployed.

“My boss started right away after the interview. I thought he was just being nice to me and wanted to know more about me since I was going to work there.

Two weeks after the interview, he called me into his office and told me I was selected and that he wanted to let me know before time.

I was asked what I could bring to the table if I joined the team..

I told him and after he called me and informed me I had been selected, he tried to hug me as a way of congratulating me.

I didn’t want to hug him but he said that hugging is nothing since I will be coming to work there so we had to be cool with each other.

He told me not to let anyone know he invited me there. He said, “I think you are a talented person and would do well with us.”

After I officially started work, he could call me in his office and ask me to sing. One day after singing, he asked me to sit down and watch movies with him. Then all of a sudden he changed it to porn and said he likes to watch it all the time.

I told him I don’t enjoy stuffs like that so I got up to leave. He held my hands and pulled me towards him with force and said, “hey stop fooling I need real girls to be here.”

I was surprised so I just stood there for a while…with a stupid look on my face. .I said, “oh sir please I can’t do this.”

He replied, “what do u mean by that my friend sit!!”

Then I knew this man was serious so I told him if he touched me again I would slap him.

He rather got angry and asked that I leave the studio.

After my first pay, he called me one day and ask me not to step at the workplace.

I waited for a while then I went there myself only to find out he had employed a different person.

Went to see him to ask if I did anything wrong then he said I should go he will call me.

I never heard from him.
Although I needed money badly that time, I’m proud of my decision and I still stand by it.

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng

Source: Modern Ghana

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