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UNDP Launches An APP For Waste Management

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched a platform which will bring all stakeholders on board to help in the implementation of the waste recovery initiative.

This would not only solve the waste management problem but also create jobs for those that will offer their waste for recycling.

Ms Gita Welch, the Country Director of UNDP, who launched the product, said it was the first time such a big platform had been opened to everybody.

She explained that the platform will enable stakeholders think outside the box on waste management, by deciding on how they would collect the data on those who generate the waste, where they would collect the waste and what can be done when collected.

The stakeholders in the waste management drawn to the function, will again find solutions that are durable and sustainable pertaining to the sector, she stated.

“UNDP is not going to resolve Ghana’s waste but do it with the private sector, Non-Governmental Organisation, Civil Society Organisations, universities that will research on that matter and those who want to take advantage of the waste and recycle into resources,” she emphasised.

The Country Director noted that government’s participation was also important because of legal framework, she noted.

“We already have legislation and laws, now it is left with their operationalisation or how to make them work,” she said.

Ms Welch said waste creation and its management was a global issue and needed to be tackled by all therefore, there was the need to involve those who created waste and those who were mostly affected by the negative effects of waste not being managed well.

She said the lack of good waste management had created problems for the land’s water bodies, water ways, and health of citizens and quickly added that the same people have the enablement to get rid of it.

Ms Welche cited hawkers, especially those who sold sachet water, and all sorts of things packaged in plastics should be involved in the process, adding that they needed to be educated to change their mind set and be made part of the solution not the problem.

A number of attempts, she said, used to manage waste did not yield much results, hence the initiative.

Mr Paolo Dalla Stella, Programme Specialist of UNDP, hinted that there would be a national resource recovery competition to select the best proposed plan in managing waste.

The winner’s prize can be used as seed money to recycle waste, he announced.

Source: GNA

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