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Unqualified Actors Killing Movie Industry – Jasmine Baroudi

Jasmine Baroudi

A LOT of factors have been attributed to the decline of the movie industry and the low patronage of films but for pretty actress Jasmine Baroudi, unprofessionalism is a major reason the sector is not progressing.

“I recommend that movie producers only put qualified or professional actors on the screen. There are too many unprofessional actors who are virtually doing nothing but call themselves actors, making the work so difficult for some of us,” she said in an interview with the Graphic Showbiz last week.

According to Jasmine Baroudi, these unprofessional actors made their craft look cheap when it is not.

“Now, anyone at all is just shooting movies and parading girls who will do anything to come on the screen. No wonder we have so many slay queens who call themselves actors but do something else,” she said.

Jasmine said if things don’t get fixed quickly, some of them will suffer because she does nothing apart from acting.

“To some of us who do nothing apart from acting, the low patronage of movies is a big deal for us. We are just there waiting to be called by producers. It is sad where we have gotten to,” she said.

Jasmine also blamed the low patronage of movies on the fact that producers are not coming out with compelling stories, making our movies boring.

“Our movies are now very boring and that is because producers are telling one way stories. Our storylines are the same and no one is interested in watching the same old boring movies again.

“It is about time producers sat down and did their homework. There are so many stories we can tell in Ghana and I wonder why our producers are not touching on them,” she said.

Away from movies, Jasmine Baroudi, who is married with a baby girl, said her family was her number one priority and she could quit work just for them.

“Nothing can take me away from my family. I love them to bits and I will do anything to be with them,” she added.

Jasmine Baroudi, who had starred in movies such as Adams Apples, I Do, The Bad New and TV series such as V-Republic and Peep, said she was available for any producer who needs her services.


Source: Graphic Showbiz

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