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Vogue Italy Celebrates Steve French, Atto Tetteh And Five Other Ghanaian Designers In An Article About Sustainable Fashion

Ghanaian fashion is gradually taking off and gaining the kind of international attention it deserves.

After the Style Lounge Fashion Weekend 2019 was held in Accra last July, Vogue Italia, on of Vogue Magazine’s overseas outlets put the spotlight on seven Ghanaian or Ghana-based designers in an article about Sustainable Fashion.

Below is the Vogue Italia story translated into English…

Finding myself backstage at the Style Lounge Fashion Weekend 2019 in Accra, Ghana, was an exciting and exciting experience. Seeing those moments behind the scenes before the models appeared on the catwalk was a real privilege for me! The backstage photos were taken by Samuel Oke and Alfred Quartey, the lights are by Samuel Commodore.

The rise of sustainable fashion is now also evident in Ghana. Nuel Buns launched Style Lounge Weekend with the aim of providing the tools of sustainability and innovation to the incredible talents who create clothing in an ethical way. From the finest handmade embroideries to artistic designs, the complex engravings up to the batik style tye-dye.

 Ready to go on the catwalk, backstage there were seven designers and we met them: Steve French, Hazza, Atto Tetteh, Diva Delicious, Sena Bryte, Olooh and Ekua Addo.

Steve French presented his collection, Tanoa, at the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2019 last March and collaborated with the artisans Sel Kofiga and Forth Ancestors to make his beautiful garments. His style is sustainable and ethical, with the right aesthetic to be able to compete with today’s trends.

Designer: Steve French


Designer: Steve French

Hazza was named among ” The New Frontiers Of Awareness 2019 “, the new frontiers of awareness, from Vogue Italia. Sustainability is at the center of his practice, and the designer aims to reinvent luxury through a sustainable mentality. The designer presented a very intimate fashion show, immortalized by Quincy Koraneng.

Designer: Hazza


Atto Tetteh is one of the menswear brands that follow ethical standards from fibres to finishes for each individual garment. With a functional minimalist design, the designer creates his garments in collaboration with local artisans.

Designer: Atto Tetteh


Diva Delicious is a new refined brand that is establishing itself in Accra, Ghana. The brand collaborates with artisans from all over the world, with small companies in Ghana and Morocco to create their clothes, choosing a responsible approach. Their creations are exactly what you imagine when you think of haute couture garments for a refined woman every day.

Designer: Diva Delicious

Another ethical fashion brand to keep an eye on is that of Sena Bryte, who offers clean-cut and basic garments. Each garment is produced ethically with an eye to inclusiveness and diversity. Sustainability is a central element for Sena Bryte who uses locally created Kente fabrics, as well as cotton and linen.

Designer: Sena Bryte


The collections are designed with a specific focus on the celebration of femininity, choosing to bring back timeless pieces like the classic batik, playful and trendy.

Designer: Ekua Addo

These beautiful garments are made with high-quality fabrics and finishes in a sustainable way and in limited quantities. Olooh collaborates with local ateliers for organic and hand-dyed fabrics. A unique brand that you will love!

Designer: Olooh



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