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Wearing a Bra To Bed Can Actually Result In a Number Of Health Problems

Though it may seem completely harmless, the truth is, wearing a bra to bed can actually result in a number of health problems.

With regard to the breast tissue itself: if your bra often leaves impressions in your skin from being too tight, then wearing it ²⁴/₇ won’t give the skin a chance to recover and bounce back from these, leading to long-term indents in the tissue.

Then aside from the breasts themselves, there’s a lot going on by way of important anatomy around the chest area: from muscles to vessels, lymph nodes to nerves. If your bra is too tight, you may be restricting your blood supply to the breasts and surrounding areas.

The same goes for the lymphatic system: a tight bra may restrict the flow of lymph to the many important lymph nodes around the breast and armpit, hindering the system’s vital function of flushing toxic waste-products from the body.

So it’s probably best to steer clear from wearing a bra in bed, and that’s not to mention the effect it might have on your quality of sleep, especially if it’s underwired.

The bottom line from a doctor’s point of view, it seems, is that there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t wear your bra to bed; breast sagging just isn’t one of them.

Source: Health Guide 911
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