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West Hills Mall Introduces Loyalty Reward Cards For Shoppers

West Hills Mall has launched a year-long loyalty scheme which doles out handsome reward packages to dedicated card-bearing shoppers, Mall Management announced today. 

Under the loyalty reward scheme, the mall’s regular customers are registered and issued loyalty membership cards which attract a range of prizes graduated on a three tier reward scheme as the customer continues to shop at the mall. Registered customers start off as bronze loyalty card holders and progress to Silver as they shop and ultimately end up as gold loyalty card bearers.

The loyalty membership cards attract rewards respectively in the form of shopping vouchers and special giveaways but the holders of the cards must first start off from bronze membership and progress to the silver and gold categories as they make the minimum required spend for each tier.

Shopping at West Hills Mall has gradually become a vital part of family life for many in the Accra West area, ostensibly due to the wide variety of choices and bargains open to customers, the pleasurable ambience and the exceptionally secured and convenient shopping experience offered by the mall on a daily basis.

‘With this unique loyalty reward scheme, our regular customers would ride on cloud nine for the next twelve months (until June 2020)’, said an excited Miss Wendy Aryee, Marketing Manager for West Hills Mall.

Explaining how the scheme works, Miss Aryee said, when shoppers make the minimum spend required for any of the three tiers, they will have a sticker stuck on the back of their membership cards to indicate their purchase for that day. Once the card gets the requisite number of stickers, the shopper earns a reward and automatically becomes eligible to move up to a higher tier.

The gold card attracts a shopping voucher worth Ghc3,100.00, while the silver and bronze membership entitles shoppers to Ghc 300.00 and Ghc 200.00 respectively.

“But the thrill doesn’t end with the substantial shopping vouchers which we give you as a loyalty shopper. We have a stack of amazing freebies that we will give away to lucky shoppers who we will randomly pick from all three categories of card-bearing members’, the marketing manager said.

She disclosed that the freebies, among other things, include flat screen television sets, hand delivered birthday cakes, additional shopping vouchers and special mention and acknowledgement of shoppers on radio from the mall.

Over the past four years, West Hills Mall, Accra’s trendiest family shopping centre, has consistently raised the bar in customer loyalty appreciation, regularly rewarding dedicated customers with startling giveaway and gift packages, including cars, overseas holiday trips and generous shopping vouchers. 
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