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Will You Give Breasts To Your Man Or Baby?

A scientific theory is that evolution has made men get attracted to breasts in sexual context because it activates the female bonding circuit, making the woman more bonded to the man.

When a lover massages or nibbles a woman’s breasts, it triggers the release of oxytocin which helps to focus the woman’s attention on her sexual partner and strengthens her desire to bond with him.

Therefore, men make themselves more desirable by stimulating the breasts of their lovers during foreplay or sex. Attention and stimulation of breasts are ‘brain organisation’ that occurs when men go into puberty.

A man is extremely visual and looking at breasts enhances his sexual arousal. Evolution makes man want to do it. It is not the doing of man; na nature cause am!

Studies also show nipple stimulation by a man enhances sexual pleasure in a woman. The effect is similar to clitoral or vaginal stimulation because there is a direct line from her nipples to her clitoris.

Stimulating the breasts is an indirect way of stimulating the clitoris .This explains why some women reach orgasm if the clitoris is stimulated skilfully by hand or tongue.

The fight for breasts

Breasts are extremely important to babies. In fact, the World Health Organisation recommends that a child must be breast-fed exclusively on milk for the first six months of life. Babies love milk and mothers love to breast-feed their babies.

In the past, Ghanaian men believed the main function of breasts was to provide milk for babies. They would love to look at breasts and stop there.

In fact, some decades ago when some sex researchers came down to Ghana and in a questionnaire asked among others how a man would feel using his tongue and hands on a woman’s breast, many opened their mouths in horror or shook their heads and responded it was abomination, reprehensible and unethical!

Not so today! Now evolution and knowledge have ‘opened the eyes’ of Ghanaian men to see breasts as crucial secondary sexual organ.

Many Ghanaian men are ‘hijacking’ the breastfeeding role of breasts and using it for sex. Babies need breasts and men need breasts. This is where the fight begins.

There is no official rule on when a woman can start having sex after delivery. Many health experts, however, recommend women wait for four to six weeks after delivery before sex. The problem here is that many men can’t wait for that long and can hardly tolerate a baby doing what they can’t do.

Again, breastfeeding reduces a woman’s sex drive, making her lose interest in sex. This may explain why many cases come in from women who complain their men get jealous when their babies are being breast-fed.

In one case, the man got so jealous that he instructed his wife to share the breasts – the right for him and the left for the baby — the left to be taken back when the baby is weaned off!

Another said when she asked her husband if he wasn’t ashamed to fight over breasts with his own baby, the man replied ‘ if it is about your breast, then it is worth the fight and every other person is an enemy!’

Some also say their husbands insist they wean off their babies so that they can resume work early when these women know the real reason is that their men hate to see them sharing their precious properties with babies.

There are also some men who claim the entire body including breasts of their women is for their exclusive use. They are only being magnanimous in ‘loaning’ breasts to their babies for a short time. And they quote the Bible to back up their claim. In 1 Cor. 7;4 we read ‘ a wife does not have authority over her body but the husband does…’

Some men claim breasts of their women are for them to enjoy for life and would quote Solomon, the man believed to be the wisest and most romantic lover to support their claim.

In Proverbs 5: 18-19, we read may your fountain (sex organs) be blessed and ‘may you rejoice in your wife…may her breasts satisfy you always’.

Some men, therefore, argue that God has given men a life time command and access to the breasts of their women.

This explains why the Akans say mmarima ntwa nufu or men are never weaned off breast. Babies are not given this privilege. Breasts of women are, therefore, the bona fide properties of their men.

Your choice

Babies need breasts. Men also need breast for sexual enhancement. Women are enjoying the fight because they get pleasurable stimulation from both men and babies.

The question is; if you have to give your breasts to your man or baby, who would you choose?

If you choose your man or baby you are right. We are the choice we make in life but one thing is sure. The fight of men and babies over breasts continues and gets more intense with time.

The advice is simple; men, by all means fight for your bona fide property but be considerate on you helpless baby. Fight but please fight fair!

This is the second part of the article. 

Source:  The Mirror

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