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Wind Of Change Blowing Through NDC – Spio-Garbrah

Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah

Mr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Presidential Aspirant of the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC), has said that there is a strong wind of change blowing through the party as part of its renewal agenda.

He noted that the paradigm shift has started from the bottom and would continue through the rank and file of the party.

Speaking in an interview with Ghana News Agency, in Accra, Mr Spio-Garbrah hinted that, estimates indicated that between 60 to 75 per cent of branch executives nationwide were new.

“At some constituencies, the executives were 100 per cent new while at other constituencies the change is between 80 to 90 per cent,” he said.

The former Trade Minister stated that some regional chairpersons, including that of the Central and Northern region, realizing the wind of change had decided not to contest their positions again.

“This means the NDC is renewing itself through the election of new leadership to lead them and this change would continue to the national and to the presidential level candidateship.”

“When people lose an election the bitterness and anger is strong that they cannot be outwitted by just ‘onaapo’ songs. They want hard evidence that things will be done differently,” he said.

“In order to re-organise the party, sections of the Dr Kwesi Botwe’s report would be relevant to the party to take remedial actions in other to win power in 2020.”

According to Mr Spio-Garbrah’s campaign team, a study conducted in the country indicates that about 93 per cent of the business community both foreign and local wants a new face to lead the NDC party.

Similarly, about 87 per cent of diplomatic and development communities are of the view that Former President John Mahama had performed credibly well and highly regarded for his contribution towards peace and democracy in Ghana in other countries, especially through his role as election observer mission.

The study reckoned that the international assignment being given to the former president meant that, he needed to transition and be a statesman as other former presidents had been but not to come to mainstream politics.

It reminded the former president of his father’s advice that the time to bow out was when the applause was high.

Source: GNA

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