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Woman Who Looks Like Trump Goes Viral

One is the leader of the free world and sits in the White House, the other lives in a more humble abode in rural Spain, but they are so alike it is as if they were twins separated at birth.

Dolores Leis Antelo gave an interview to her local newspaper last week about her life and the image of her holding a hoe at her farm in Nanton, La Coruna, was shared around the world.

Swap the hoe for a golf club and Antelo could easily pass for President Donald Trump looking at a putt he is particularly pleased with on his Palm Beach Florida golf course.

On social media, one local even dubbed her the “Donald Trump of the Costa da Morte,” next to the image which was favourited more than 8,000 times and retweeted 4,700 times.

It is enough to make you wonder that when he wants some downtime, instead of going to his Mar-a-Lago resort, he heads to north-eastern Spain instead and dons the garb of a farm worker.

“My photo seems to have travelled far. I say it is because of the colour of my hair,” she told La Voz de Galicia.

Her daughter, Ana, added: “Imagine if we were in Donald Trump’s family!”

Unlike her lookalike, she has no plans to build a wall although as a farmer, she might have an interest in draining a swamp or two.

Hailing from Coristanco, Dolores has spent her whole life in Cabana de Bergantiños with her husband of 40 years.

She has never been interested in the digital world and does not even own a mobile phone.

“I have never been curious to have one but I do look at what my daughters show me. They say this picture will make me famous but I don’t get why.”

She has always worked the fields with her trusty tools which she could probably lend to Trump should he need to chase away anyone sniffing around from the Robert Mueller Russia investigation.

Dolores laments how farming has changed from days gone by. She is currently struggling with planting potatoes in the dry climate, the dust lending an orange hue to her skin—which perhaps explains a lot.

“At the moment, luckily we don’t have […] the Guatemalan moth,” she said, apparently equally concerned about foreigners as her Doppelganger in Washington.

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